5 Common Cooking Mistakes And How We Can Fix Them

5 Common Cooking Mistakes And How We Can Fix Them

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In this guide, I am going to tell you about the 5 Common Cooking Mistakes. Sometimes while cooking in the kitchen we make some mistakes that we don’t know about. These mistakes are small in appearance, but their damage can be quite high. So in this article, we will learn about 5 Common Cooking Mistakes and also find out their solutions. 

Let’s have a view on 5 Common Cooking Mistakes And How We Can Fix Them:

Use Of Non-Stick Pots and Pans

All types of non-stick Pots and Pans look beautiful, are easier to work with, and are easier to wash. But do you know that you are playing with your life by cooking using them? Remember that non-stick pans have a Teflon coating on them. And if this Teflon coating gets damaged anywhere, the particles in your pan can start getting into your food. The result will be that you will get a fever which can slowly create serious health issues for your life.

5 Common Cooking Mistakes

To fix this common cooking mistake, we have to stop using all sorts of non-stick pans in our kitchen right now. In their replacement, we can use stainless steel, Copper ports, glass ports, etc. 

Use Of Plastic Plates For Hot Food

One common cooking mistake we often make is heating our food in plastic plates or Bowls. Remember that as soon as we heat our food in a microwave oven on a plastic plate. With the rise in temperatures, plastic starts losing its particles that can easily be mixed into our food. Food mixed with plastic particles may not be good for our health at all and can cause serious health issues.

5 Common Cooking Mistakes

So from today, we have to use glass plates instead of heating our food in plastic plates. Also, you can use a steel utensil to take out hot food. As far as looks are concerned steel plates are not very glamorous but trust me steel plates are very durable and do not contain any harmful chemicals at all. 

Not Washing Fruits and Vegetables Properly

Please don’t get me wrong but daily we eat fruits and vegetables after washing them. But are you 100% sure that you wash these vegetables and fruits properly or not? It is a very important point to wash our vegetables and foods properly. 

Vegetables and fruits are sprayed with insecticides and pesticides to preserve them. So keep in mind that a single wash does not eliminate all those types of sprays from your fruits and vegetables.

5 Common Cooking Mistakes

To properly wash your fruits and vegetables make sure to wash them using baking soda or white vinegar. Take some water in a bowl and put all the vegetables and fruits in the bowl. Now add baking soda or white vinegar into the bowl and wash it for 5 minutes. 

Reheating Cooking Oil 

This is the common cooking mistake that all ladies do in their kitchen. Yes, there is the majority of ladies who save cooking oil thinking of reusing it in the next meal. According to authentic research, cooking oil, especially vegetable cooking oil, can be heated once or twice at most. And if you repeatedly heat cooking oil and use it, it can create serious health issues for you.

5 Common Cooking Mistakes

You should try to use the already-used cooking oil at least two to three times. Apart from this, you can also use cooking oil in limited quantity, so that your oil will not be wasted and you will not even think of reheating it again.

Thawing Food From Freezer

The majority of women take the chicken or meat directly out of the freezer and put it on the counter to thaw it. Bringing meat from such a low temperature in the freezer to such a high temperature(room temperature) can create a lot of issues. 

In countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, the room temperature is also quite high. Under such conditions, if you take the meat directly out of the freezer and place it on the counter, bacterial growth starts to grow quickly and can cause health issues.

5 Common Cooking Mistakes
  • There are three ways you can use to thaw the meat. The first is to take it out of the support freezer and put it in the refrigerator so that it gradually thaws. 
  • Another way is to take the meat out and put it in a bowl of cold water to soften it slowly.
  • And the third method, which is also considered the easiest, is to directly take the meat from the freezer and cook it.

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What sorts of ports help in cooking Healthy food?

Using stainless steel ports, Copper ports, and glass ports is very helpful in cooking healthy food. Try to avoid using Non-Stick Pans or Ports during cooking as they can create serious health issues when the Teflon coating over them is damaged.

How to wash fruits and vegetables in the right way?

The right way to wash vegetables and fruits is to soak them in a bowl with baking soda or white vinegar. In this way, the pesticides and insecticides sprayed over them can be removed easily. 

Is it okay to put salt over vegetables before cooking?

Yes, you should put salt over the vegetables before cooking as it can increase the flavor of vegetables and help in removing bitterness and acidity from vegetables. 

What is the best way to thaw meat directly from the freezer?
There are many ways to thaw meat from the freezer but mist easiest way is to directly take the meat from the freezer and cook it. It will take 15 to 20 more minutes but it will not harm your healthy eating routine. 

If you want to know all the 5 Common Cooking Mistakes And How We Can Fix Them kindly read the complete article. 

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