Negative Effects of Social Media On Society

Major Negative Effects of Social Media On Society | Some Tips to Quit Social Media

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The guide is about the major negative effects of social media on society. My dear friends, we have all heard the saying that anything that benefits us can sometimes turn out to be harmful to us. In the same way, while social media has provided us with many benefits and conveniences, it has also brought some negative effects to our lives.

In today’s post, we are going to have a detailed discussion on the major negative effects of social media on society and will also try to find some Tips to Quit Social Media. 

Negative Effects of Social Media On Society


One of the major negative effects of social media is Isolation. Our whole lives have become dependent on social media. All our day-to-day activities are somehow related or dependent on it. Similarly, the connections we have with our relatives or our friends are limited to social media only. For our happiness, sorrows, or even if we have to visit patients we prefer virtual connection/calls. 

Social media has become so up-to-date that we get every single piece of information from the comfort of our homes, that’s why we don’t like to meet our friends, relatives, and even our siblings.

Social Media Addicts

Social media has made our lives so social addicts that wherever we are sitting, we are scrolling through it whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok. Today’s Young generation has become more social media addicts because whether they are sitting in their school, university, college, office, or restaurants they have the tension of not scrolling through social media.

Negative Effects of Social Media On Society

We have connected our lives to social media to such an extent that we have started posting our food, shopping, and even travel activities on social media. In the same way, when we don’t post our daily life on social media, the same thing keeps running in our minds that I didn’t post. It has taken us away from everything else, even if it is our studies or jobs.

Waste Of Time

The most negative effect of using social media is that we start wasting our time on social media platforms. For example, if we start scrolling on TikTok, we will keep scrolling until we don’t know how many hours we have sat and scrolled. 

If you are a student and you check your social media sites every two minutes to see if there is any notification, then you are doing something wrong with your life. Because your whole day is spent using or checking social media, and you are not able to focus fully on your studies. Similarly, if you are a housewife and scrolling through social media all day, trust me, you will not be able to raise your children properly at all.

I would like to explain this to you with another great example, If you work in an office and spend the whole day scrolling through social media, you will not be able to complete your office work in time and the result will be that you will be fired from the job.

Disturb Sleep Routine

After using social media all night, we are not able to wake up early in the morning. When we don’t sleep, don’t awake, and don’t eat on time it can definitely cause serious health issues for us. Due to disturbed sleep routines, when we go to school, university, or the office, we suffer from strange irritability.

Negative Effects of Social Media On Society

We don’t feel like talking to anyone and we start fighting with people for no reason. Just because of lack of sleep, our whole day is disturbed and we start feeling mentally and physically sick.

Distance from Religion

Social media has such a negative impact on our lives that we have even distanced ourselves from our religions. Whether we are Muslims, Christians, or Hindus, we have come a long way from our religion. We are so immersed in the world of social media that we have forgotten our prayers and worship. We have given social media so much priority over our religions that we have even forgotten the purpose of our lives.

Tips to Quit Social Media

Tips to Quit Social Media
  • If you are a student and you are fed up with your social media addiction, the best tip for you is to get rid of your Android and iPhone smartphones.
  • Try to keep a small button mobile, so that you don’t have a craving for social media sites and can fully focus on your studies.
  • Similarly, if you are an office-going person, or a housewife simply try to focus on your work throughout the day and set a time limit for using social media platforms at night.  
  • Turn off your mobile notifications or log out of your social media accounts after using them. It will surely help you in quitting or less use of social media.
  • Make New Hobbies like gardening, cooking, baking, outings, or more. In this way, you will surely stay away from using social media most of the time.
  • Make physical connections with your friends, family, and relatives.


Is social media addictive?

Yes, social media is 100% addictive because you forget to eat, forget to meet your friends and relatives, and sometimes you get so addicted to social media that you forget to sleep or pay attention to your work and studies.

How does FOMO affect our life?

FOMO (fear of missing out) is another negative impact of social media on our lives. It is a process in which we live in constant fear that we have missed something. For example, we check our social media platforms every two minutes to see if we have missed any notifications.

What are some negative effects of Social Media on Teenagers?

The negative effects of social media on teenagers are that they use their mobile all night and sleep all day, they don’t follow their diet, and most importantly they don’t pay full attention to their studies. 

What is the best tip to quit social media?

The best tip to quit all the social media platforms is that you can log out of all your accounts or simply uninstall all the social media sites from your mobile phones.

If you want to know more about the Major Negative Effects of Social Media On Society | Some Tips to Quit Social Media kindly read the complete article. 

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